About Us

Our guiding principles:

Transparency, believe in what you do

Celebrate Success

Learn from mistakes

Grow together

Embrace Diversity

Strength in team and community

Humbleness is a virtue

Respect is earned

Live by the Girl Scout Law and Promise

Boy Scouts Motto: Be Prepared

Boy Scouts Slogan: Do a good turn daily

Our Troop community takes:

Boys Scouts of America (11 years of age or older)

Venture Crew (14 years of age or older)

Cub Scouts ( 6 – 10 years old) 

Tigers (First Graders)

Wolf (Second Graders)

Bears (Third Graders)

Webelos (Fourth and Fifth Graders)


Where can I found out more about LDHB?

How do I know which group my child should join?

  • We have different groups based on ages and academic grade. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

What is expected of the parents?

  • Parent involvement is very critical to the development of your child. We believe that supporting the child/youth is a continuous partnership.  Parents should work closely with each unit leader(s) to understand the yearlong program that is designed for the scouts.  There may be activities that parents will be asked to participate in.  While during our meetings, we will be introducing concepts and skills, and we ask that the parents continue to foster these skills in the activities of the youth.

Are boys assigned to Boys Scouts of America and girls assigned to Girls Scouts of America?

  • Starting in February 2019, Boys Scouts of America will accept both boys and girls.
  • Started last February 2018, Cub Scouts accepts both boys and girls.
  • Girls Scouts of America provides programs and activities for girl members only.
  • Boys Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of America are separate groups and organizations.
  • Starting in March 2020, LDHB will only provide the BSA’s programs and activities for both boy and girl members.

Is there a trial period for my child to see if they would like to join?

  • Please feel free to join us on our activities.  Please ensure you inform the leaders so that they know you are exploring the group.  We place safety first and want to ensure our kids are in safe environments.  We use uniforms to help us identify our members so if your child is joining on a trial basis, please have the parents work with the leaders.  The sooner your child is able to feel part of a group the sooner they will build their confidence and skills.

How often are the meetings?

  • We meet weekly and our programs are designed to meet the requirements of the child’s advancement.  If you are not able to attend a particular week, we encourage you to work with your pack leader to ensure your child is able to meet the requirements.  This may be working at home or outside the weekly meetings.  Some of our activity is not associated with the advancement and are provided to help introduce specific skills to your child.  Where possible, please inform your den leader when your child will be absent to that they know not to expect your child.