Venture Crew

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The Venturing Crew of LDHB is made of numerous veteran scouts. They joined Venturing Crew in order to embark on more activities and adventures as a group. Here, they take on a more direct leadership role in planning activities. The VC of LDHB have planned and executed several outdoor excursions. One of their elaborate activities that they plan is the annual Valentines Day dinner. They plan for months, developing every minute aspect of the dinner. They develop plans for the table clothes to the wine that they sell at the featured auction, they even go so far as to take care of the couples’ kids at a separate location. VC does more than just plan fun adventures, they also help out around the troop, guiding many younger scouts down the road to Eagle or Gold. Most of the boys and girls in VC have been involved in scouts for most of their lives, but new scouts that have just joined are welcomed and fit right in! Here in VC, they get a chance to truly fine tune their skills as a scout and as a leader. Along with these chances of leadership and adventure, they also get a chance to build chemistry as a new team and truly get to know one another. Many of the memories these scouts make last a life time; Venturing Crew isn’t an opportunity that you see everyday. The bonds that these scouts make in VC continue on even as senior members leave for college.